Saturday, November 7, 2009


Although I have mentioned the origin of personality in numerous writings, I don't believe I have devoted a blog to the origin of personality itself. Well, this is it.

I should perhaps mention that this will be the first time [and perhaps the only time?] that you will be exposed to how personality is formed at the time of ones birth, and involving a great many different elements, all of which take place at a fully non-conscious level of awareness.

The reason for this is that modern mental health, or what I refer to as "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"] systematically denies and ignores the Esoteric dimensions of Man. And without a substantial Knowledge of these Esoteric dimensions of Man, one cannot Know the origin of personality from an experiential [Real or actual] perspective. This means one is limited to "abstract" ideas that ones MIND feeds the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain.... and these thoughts are Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, and they are intended to insure that one remain ignorant of the Esoteric dimensions hidden within oneself.

So this is the first opportunity people have had to discover [at least abstractly] what the origin of personal is; What is involved in the creation of it; And what its purpose is? [How Personality can be changed is the subject for another blog].

To comprehend what I am about to explain, the reader will need a little orientation to some concepts that BS&bp insists do not exist or do not matter. They do exist and they are crucial to the "competent" study of Man. Of course anyone can study the obvious physical dimension of Man. But to imagine that one can deny two-thirds of Man with no consequence is silly.... although many are limited to this effort.

Let me also say that there is much about or with Man that cannot be seen, tested, or even imagined using the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain [thinking] or ones physical senses alone. This of course implies that one has another resource one can use in the discovery of these Esoteric dimensions of oneself and others. That resource is ones "intuition", which is largely ignored in the West in favor of "thinking". Awakening to ones intuition was a natural consequence of competent psychotherapy, which is why psychotherapy was once a requirement for those entering the field of Psychology. Intuition is not possible when one confines oneself to thinking.

Let us begin with the "fact" that reincarnation is a basic Reality of Life. So is the Law of Karma, and these combined with the Soul of every living thing are all busily engaged in fulfilling the Purpose of Life. Which, expressed in the most simple terms is to completely explore and experience the entire Creation. And the reason?

I believe [I have not been able to confirm this opinion] that the Energy of God, and we Souls as aspects of God, is what I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy. NSgy is an Absolute Energy. That is, it is permanent; It cannot be other than it is, ever; And it does not change like every other form of energy can do. This means that NSgy is the dimension of Reality in which all absolutes exist. This means that Truth, Love, and Reality are all part of the Spiritual dimension of Man.

And this brings us to the next startling revelation regarding Man. The Whole Human Being (WHB) consists of three simultaneously existing vibrational realms, each with its own reality, and yet each is quite separate from the other two. From inside out, these are: Ones Spiritual realm, ones MIND realm, and ones physical realm. The only realm of interest to BS&bp is the physical realm. This leaves two-thirds of Man unknown, unstudied, and referred to as the Esoteric dimensions of Man.

When one dies, ones Soul with its MIND attached is normally escorted to the Astral plane of Creation where a "judge" is waiting. Ones Soul and this judge go over how well one did in ones last life relative to working through ones Fate Karma for that life? When this is completed, one then designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life. This new Fate Karma will include those items one wants to experience; Karma that one did not complete in ones last life; And anything the judge includes in ones Fate Karma for ones next life. Doing Karma is the Purpose of Life because doing Karma is how one learns who, what and how one can be? Remember that one is Neutral Spiritual Energy in Reality, so doing Karma is how we discover what NSgy can be?

And since ones Soul is the same NSgy as that of God, as we Souls "learn" God learns. Only those Souls that have completed a great deal of Karma over many, many lifetimes can accumulate the Spiritual Evolution [the result of completing Karma] that will cause those Souls to be "ready" to meet a Master [God in human form] and receive "initiation" or be awakened to ones Spirituality, and begin ones journey back Home. This process is one of Spiritual Transformation. Such Souls are rare relative to the population of the Earth.

After a Soul has designed its Fate Karma for its next life, the Soul then spends time in some heaven, or some hell [place for re-education to discourage one from repeating that which caused one to require hell]. When the time for ones reincarnation arrives, ones Soul is reincarnated into the Earth plane to two Souls that owe one a birth. And this is where we begin our story of Personality.

In the Astral region, one "knows" by direct perception. There is no speaking, in other words since one merely has to question and the answer comes to one via one "intuition". When ones Soul enters its new physical body, this "intuition" is cut off because ones Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche must shift into the physical brain and begin the "thinking" process of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain. This sudden blocking of ones natural intuition or "Knowing" is frightening. And ones Soul orders its MIND to search out the MINDs of ones parents and discover who and what one is? Keep in mind that ones physical senses are not working very well.

When ones MIND uses its ability to "read" the vibrations of the MINDs of ones mother and father, what ones MIND discovers are those vibrations that are active..... and guess which ones these are? Fear, pain, confusion, regret, burden, awesome responsibility, and perhaps some level of happiness? All in all, a most disturbing collection of energies. Ones MIND assumes that these are either a reflection of who and what one is, or these intensely negative energies are mirroring who and what one is? These are all "misperceptions" taken on by ones MIND.

And ones MIND, with the assistance of ones Apapsyche, use these misperceptions to create a Negative Self-Image composed of misperceptions (NS-Icm). What I refer to as the NS-cm, is what Sigmund Freud called the "ID". A body of intensely negative emotions that is deeply repressed by ones MIND within itself as a negative self-view. Now take this NS-Icm, and use these negative emotions to create a "perfect" self-view that will align itself perfectly with ones Fate Karma for this life, and you have ones Personality.

Ones basic and core Personality is the Esoteric matrix that will then add to itself by selectively using events in ones life so that certain misperceptions are reinforced, and this level of reinforcement determines ones patterns of behavioral expression. The rest is trial and error as one "learns" how to act. Life is indeed a stage [as Shakespeare so ably pointed out] and ones Personality is the role one must play as one acts out the script of ones Fate Karma.

Of course one is free to deny this, or ignore it. But like death, what one "thinks" is quite irrelevant regarding the Reality I have just described. The Reality of Life will do its thing regardless. The wise person learns to "accept" rather than resist Life.